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CD 1
1. Vol‘f Messing
2. Pani Kapitanova
3. Staryy Oliynyk
4. Doktor Dutka
5. Tango Bila Trojanda
6. Nizhnist‘
7. Azart
8. Mafija
9. Postril
10. Pidzemne zoo
11. Zmina dekoratsiy
12. Vesna vynykala, de til‘ky mohla
multimedia bonus:
13. "Cinnamon" (lyrics)
14. "Mafia" (video)
15. Indya (commentary)
16. Audioproza:
- Clepsidre
- Thriller
17. Info
Total playing time: 49:49
1. Indya
Total playing time: 20:58

Ever stunning, electrifying Yuri Andrukhowych, plus the post-rock experimental  music of Karbido formation, give you occasion to taste something never heard before. Their special concert on the International Literature Festival, meant to present outcomes of five-year-long artistic cooperation, makes the first live performance of the joined forces in Berlin.

Karbido group, a Polish and Swiss union, astonished its fans with  surprising ease in fusing apparently distant soundings – not to mention perversity, which allowed them to brilliantly recreate into music sounds such as buzz of flapping pigeon wings or city murmurs.

While composing music to Andruchowych’s lyrics (“Exotic birds and plants” collection), apart from their post-rock instrumental vision, Karbido members chose to involve field recordings, resulting from a series of mobile sessions; so, the disc was actually created in different places: at Utrecht, Drohobycz, Warsaw and Wrocław; what is more, percussion tracks by Zumthor were partially recorded in a Swiss location called Haldenstein. A range of soundscape ambients, used to enhance the creation, came from Jerusalem and Hong-Kong.

General public got to know Karbido by means of “Stolik” (“The Table”), their extraordinary audio-performance, run in Edinburgh, Dublin, Hong-Kong, Teheran, Prague, Valencia, Kiev, London, Strasburg, Berlin and other city stages since 2006. In 2005, the Karbido members met Yuri Andrukhovych, to start together an artistic adventure, involving both poetry and music. So far, the enterprise brought to life two music albums: "Samogon" (2006) and "Cynamon..." (2009) – launched in Poland and Ukraine. Subsequent Ukrainian Concert Tour, in April and May, was acclaimed by Ukrainian media as “the most important spring music event”. Presently, the artists are working on their third album - "Absynt".

"This is how The Residents could have sounded - provided they had been given opportunity to wallow in the Galician mire. Just awesome!”  Jarosław Szubrycht, Przekrój, 01.2010

"Cynamon" is unforgettable. Climatic, inspiring, so rich in hues and shades – worth to be discovered and rediscovered over and over.” Rafał Księżyk, Machina, 03.2010
"Overall, next perfect jump of the Jurij’s band."
Filip Łobodziński, Newsweek, 03.2010
"Possibly, Yuri Andrukhovych did not exaggerate too much when he said that he did not expect any significant external resonance from his work with Karbido – he just had a lot of fun in the process. But sells-out during the whole "cinnamon" tour – are already a fact, and a pleasant one. Because it proves once again that the "underground" in the today's culture is not dust-covered nooks of outsiders, but a large and powerful soil, on which both bizarre-acute-eternal questions, and paradoxically simple answers grow surprisingly richly open to all the six sides of the world. You know, as they say, "there are more good people, but the bad ones are better organized". The same is true about fanciful music – the only thing is that one listens to it not in a crowd but in solitude. For the rest, everything is as simple as that. In the end, well, what if it is rude? Psychodelic post-rock with a jazz aftertaste, text pictures right through which the border between transparency, marginality and grotesque passes, plus performance of these texts by the author. And in total – everything is done so delicately, and this imaginary simplicity contains so many layers, hints and passage-ways, that one just cannot raise one's hand to take the disc out from the record player. And it seems that there is no space of universal scale, however, the space present here reminds cheese, in which the larger the holes are – the tastier it is, because in every hole – there is its own counting and direction of time..."

Jurij Andruchowycz - voice
Igor Gawlikowski - guitar, virtuals, voice
Marek Otwinowski [maot] - bass, virtuals, voice
Tomasz Sikora - theremin, virtuals, animals
Peter Conradin Zumthor - drums, rumours

Vlad Kwaśnicki -sax (Indie)
Michał Litwiniec - monochord (Indie)
Paper aka Max Pruss - steps

words: Jurij Andruchowycz
realizacja i mix: Karbido
mastering: Tomasz Sikora /
Hermetyczny Garaż
Project co-financed by  Wydział Kultury UM in Wroclaw - Wrocław 2016 European Cultural Capital

20.3.2013, 20:13
Teatr Polski, Wrocław
DakhaBrakha & Port Mone
Andruchowycz & Karbido
Ex 20:13
25.1.2013, 19:15
Teatr Współczesny
The Table around Cage
24.1.2013, 19:15
Teatr Współczesny
The Table around Cage
6.10.2012, 20:00
Andruchowycz & Karbido
20.1.2012, 20:00
Teatr Kana, Szczecin, PL
Stolik [The Table]
18.12.2011, 19:00
Kyiv, Ukraine
Andrukhovych & Karbido
ABSINTHE - premiere